NJ GC-87 Camping Stainless Steel Gas Stove 3 Burners with Grill & Oven 9.7kW

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  • 3 Burners - max heat input 9.7 kW
  • Durable stainless steel surface - 0.5mm for maximum stability
  • Automatic piezo Ignition - 100% catch fire
  • Height adjustable pan support corners - WOK function
  • Low Gas consumption

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This portable gas cooker incorporates two powerful and efficient burners plus an additional middle grill which works as a toaster when facing upward and as a mini oven when facing downward.


The burners are easily adjustable which will let you precisely control them for different temperature zones. The gas stove comes with enameled pan support which is removable for cleaning. Additionally it is equipped with a grill rack and a tray. You can use bigger pans and even WOK pans with the adjustable pan support.


The Whirlwind design of the two burners help them work more efficiently with less fuel. GC-87 is a handy cooking appliance and will be quite beneficial having it during your camping.



  • Durable: 0.5 mm high-quality processed stainless steel top surface and brass burners.
  • Diverse usage: boil, fry, toast, grill, bake… all that with one stove.
  • Adjustable powerful burners: each burner can be easily adjusted, separately.
  • Piezo ignition: turn the knob on to lighten up the flame.
  • Easy to clean: cleaning the stove after use is no problem thanks to the removable pan support.
  • Recommended use: Outdoor – camping, picnic, backyard parties, patio, hunting, fishing, etc.
  • Installation: The gas stove is suitable to operate with butane gas, propane gas, propane-butane mixtures with gas cylinders and low-pressure regulators for 29-30-37 and 50 mbar pressures.


    Box includes:

    1 x Gas stove

    3 x Pan stand

    1 x Brass Cap

    2 x Brass Ring

    1 x Grill Rack

    1 x Tray

    4 x Rubber legs

    1 x Gas Regulator Set (Optional)


    Please note: Gas Cylinder is not included!


    Make sure your gas regulator is compatible with your gas bottle: 
    - Propane 37mbar Screw-on - 13kg, 19kg, 3.9kg, 47kg, 6kg Propane 
    - Butane 29mbar Screw-on - 4.5kg Butane  
    - Propane gas 27mm Clip-on - 13kg Patio gas, 5kg Patio gas 
    - Butane 21mm Clip-on - 15kg, 7kg Butane 

    Burners Power Gas  Pan Diameter
    Left - single ring 3.4 kW 256 gr/h 13 - 30 cm
    Middle - grill 2.2 kW 180 gr/h -
    Right - double ring 4.1 kW 302 gr/h 13 - 30 cm
    Brand NJ
    Gas Type Butane, Propane and LPG gas mixtures
    Finish Stainless Steel
    Number of Burners 3
    Power of Burners max 9.7 kW
    Inlet Pressure 28-30/37mbar
    Ignition Automatic piezo
    Wok Function Height Adjustable Pan Support Corners
    Flame Failure Device NO
    Air flow control Dampers underneath the gas stove
    Gas Consumption max 738 gr/h
    Dimensions 68 x 39 x 12 cm
    Weight 6.80 kg

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